lower elementary

Lower Elementary Program (ages 6-9 years)

A Shining Stars Montessori Academy Lower Elementary education is tailored for each child. It also covers more than just the traditional academic curricula area; it is an education of the whole child: cognitively, socially, emotionally, and spiritually.  The curriculum follows the child instead of forcing the child to follow the curriculum along with every other child at the same time. Only by following and studying the child can teachers match their efforts and provide appropriate jobs and environment tailored to the child’s developmental needs. At Shining Stars Montessori Academy, we seek to nurture children’s natural desire to learn in order that they will develop to their fullest potential.

Each day, children in the Lower Elementary classroom follow a routine that allows them to have confidence in the rhythm of the day and a sense of control in their environment.  After arrival, children have time ("Morning Connections") where the students discuss their community time for the week and set out the routine of that particular day. 

Children then move into work time, where they are allowed to choose from work on which they have had lessons. Each child has a learning plan to complete during the week, and they are responsible, with gentle encouragement and guidance, to make sure they complete the work for which they are responsible. Rather than being in an environment that makes work sound mundane and boring to children, they learn to associate work with things they can accomplish and creating a sense of achievement and fun. 

The Montessori philosophy considers "holistic development of the child to be essential". Work focuses on multiple forms of learning, stressing not only cognitive exercises but also tactile and auditory development. This is a time of high growth for the child, where she  or he still rapidly absorbs the sights, sounds, and experiences in the world around her.  Thus, in addition to regular classroom routine, each week the children in Lower Elementary have art and music times, as well as Spanish.  Outside time in nature is a critical element of the Shining Stars Montessori philosophy as well, and Lower Elementary students will have the benefit of an outdoor classroom and nature to explore.

Lower Elementary serves in many ways as a continuation of the foundation built in the Primary classrooms.  Some of the same activities remain from the Primary classroom, ones that are  "developmentally appropriate and help foster  confidence and personal growth across a range of developmental schema.  At the same time, new work is added to help the student continue to progress, ensuring growth across the physical, intellectual, social, emotional, and spiritual realms." Montessori materials are laid out in an organized fashion throughout the classroom, at levels that are appropriate for children in this age range.  The entire classroom is designed with the children’s needs in mind.

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