June 2017

Hello Parents:

The summer months are a wonderful time for you to help your Shining Star to continue to develop a love of books and reading. The SSMA 2017 Summer Reading List is comprised of Montessori ‘approved’ as well as other Newbery, Caldecott, and Coretta Scott King Award winning literature for children ages 3-12. All of the books on the list are available at your neighborhood library.

Shining Stars Montessori Academy PCS is working hard to help every student achieve at high levels, an mastery in literacy is a top priority of our school. We need your support in ensuring that our ‘shining stars’ scholars meet those those expectations. Your example and encouragement will go a long way way toward helping us reach the goal of every student becoming a proficient reader.

Happy Reading!

R. Rodriguez
Executive Director

Shining Stars Montessori School Reading List 2017 

For Students Entering Grades 2 and 3 - Lower Elementary (PDF)

You will find a variety of books pulled from several different genres. With our entering second and third year students in mind, we have selected a range of reading levels to choose from. Therefore, you may find books that are slightly challenging, or not quite challenging enough. We hope that this list will provide enough variety to help your child choose a book that is engaging, interesting, and appropriate for his or her own reading level. Please speak with your local librarian or classroom teacher to get more information about specific books and their reading levels. Happy reading and have a fun summer!

Shining Stars Montessori 2017 Summer Reading List
For Students Entering Kindergarten and Grade 1 (PDF)