5 Simple Ways to Honor Elementary School Educators for Teacher Appreciation Week

A child’s teacher spends countless hours both in and out of the classroom preparing, instructing, caring for, and worrying about his or her students. With teacher appreciation week already upon us, many parents are finding ways to show their appreciation for these educators who guide, protect, encourage, and facilitate learning all through the year. While elementary school teachers love any form of appreciation, it doesn’t require a lot of money or time on your part to show them how you feel. Here are five ideas that any teacher would love to receive.

  1. A heartfelt letter. If you have a teacher in your life who means a lot to your family, simply put in words how much they mean to you and your child. There is no greater way to encourage a teacher, and when you write a note, a teacher can save it, and pull it out in future years when a little pick-me-up is needed.
  2. A fun video. Record your child singing a song or doing a top 10 countdown of the best things about her teacher. Get creative, and even involve some other kids from the classroom.
  3. Donate books and bookmarks. Teachers often invest their own money into building their classroom library so why not show your appreciation by helping them out. Add a few new titles to the shelves and make some creative bookmarks (Pinterest has some great ideas) to encourage readers.
  4. Stock up on school supplies. Again, teachers invest more than you know on everyday supplies to help facilitate learning. Paper, colored pencils, glue sticks, bulletin board decorations, stickers, and other items are practical things you can donate to the classroom and encourage the teacher at the same time.
  5. Create a little survival kit. Place some odds and ends in a bag to brighten a teacher’s day. Some ideas include change for a drink from the vending machine, travel-size tissues, hand-sanitizer, lotion, mints, or a chocolate treat.

- R. Rodriguez