DC Charter Schools Reflecting Need for Alternatives

The District of Columbia Charter School Board lists 121 charter schools reflecting a diversity of educational interests. In a population of some quarter of a million households, a rough estimate suggests that close to a third of students in DC may be attending charter schools.

Positive Self-Discovery: Reasons To Consider A Montessori School In DC

The Montessori method of education encourages self-discovery as children explore the world around them and their relationship to it. Montessori schools are designed to educate the individual child and nurture positive growth according to the natural developmental cycle of human beings.

How A Montessori School in DC is Making a Difference

The Montessori approach to education has been around as early as 1907. Unlike traditional preschools, the Montessori environment encourages young children to explore, to touch, and to discover. Because of the way the materials are designed and presented, teachers are able to be more like guides who invite each child to try out activities, helping only when help is needed or requested. The approach recognizes the needs of the children as developing human beings, allowing them to learn at their own pace.  

What Makes Shining Stars So Special? It’s a Montessori and a Charter School.

With all the exciting educational opportunities being developed for today’s students, it can be difficult to understand what each kind of school is, and what it offers students. Most parents understand the difference between a free public school, and a private school where the parents pay for the education. They’re also aware of the Montessori approach to education. But what about public charter schools?