3 Ways to Recognize an Effective Montessori School in DC

Montessori educational programs originated in 1907, through the visions and efforts of one woman, Dr. Maria Montessori. Her training in anthropology, medicine and psychology validated her observation and development of the original Montessori concept for young children. Her philosophy of early education inspired educators across the globe. This inspiration led to the opening of Montessori schools in both North and South America and Europe. Later the trend would reach the United States of America.

Preschool in DC Provides Building Blocks for a Bright Future

Children building a fort from toy blocks soon realize that they must make the base wide and stable so that it can hold the weight of the many layers they stack on top. If that foundational layer is not just right, the whole tower will topple. Education operates a lot like that toy block tower. Preschool, like the base, provides children with the stable footing that will support their future layers of learning. Without a strong preschool education, a student’s academic tower is also prone to wobbling. Fortunately, Shining Stars Montessori Academy offers preschool education in dc, which creates the rock solid foundation that students deserve.