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Shining Stars Montessori Academy is a work of “heart”. We believe that this model of teaching and learning will transform the educational outcomes of children living in DC. We are passionate about becoming one of the leading Montessori schools in DC and we want your little “shining star” to join us on this exciting journey!

How to Prepare Your Child for Kindergarten

It’s only January, but it’s already time to start the enrollment process for most schools if you are planning on having your child attend kindergarten in DC in the fall. Whether your child has stayed home, attended a part-time preschool, or is in full-time preschool or daycare, kindergarten will present some changes as far as the classroom setting and expectations. Here are some ways to prepare you and your child now:

What are the Benefits of a Montessori Elementary School?

Deciding where your children will receive their education is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make as a parent. Today, there are many options available to parents, including traditional public schools, charter schools, magnet schools, private schools, and homeschooling. But we all know about the increasing popularity of Montessori schools across the country. But what many parents may not know is that Montessori schools are more than just a glorified daycare. Montessori schools are an excellent choice for elementary education as well. What makes Montessori students exceptional? Below we will discuss some factors that allow Montessori elementary school students to thrive:

5 Reasons Why Writing Helps Reading

Maria Montessori set the standard with the idea that in order to teach children to read, they must first learn how to write. She observed toddlers as young as two years old who were eager to trace sandpaper letters. And much research indicates that many English speaking 3-6 year olds know how to write before mastering the ability to read.

Here are 5 reasons why writing helps reading:

1. Attempting to write is great phonics practice

Writing consists of the two essential early reading skills of 1. segmenting and 2. blending. 

2. The first words they read are the first ones they write

Writing gives kids the confidence to read, as it helps them to conduct their thoughts.

3. Writing gives students a head start in perfecting handwriting, spelling, and punctuation

The concept of print is what kids learn when writing. This includes printing text left-to-right, lines starting at the top, putting gaps between words, and realizing the link between words and pictures.

4. Writing is a mental workout

Kids’ brainpower is rapidly growing and writing is a fantastic exercise for them. While writing is challenging for small children, as long as there is not enormous pressure for perfection, it will be a smooth transition from writing to reading.

5. Writing is useful for gauging a child’s reading capacity

Research demonstrates that you can judge a child’s early reading development and monitor their progress by observing their writing (this can also guide teaching). For example: Samples of written work reveal a child’s reading skill. Teachers and parents can then collaborate on a child’s progress with writing and monitor their spelling, handwriting ability, and which letters and sounds they recognize.

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- R. Rodriguez

Montessori + Technology Integration = A Successful Classroom

Technology has introduced the classroom to a wealth of knowledge over the years, and it’s not slowing down any time soon! Before the Internet, for example, finding a detailed map of a small country would have involved a long and arduous venture in the local library for the latest encyclopedia. Today, this process has been whittled down to pressing a few buttons and achieving the same result in a few seconds.